Best Metal Detector for Kids (2020): Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Just about every time that I have ever gone to the shore, I have seen some guy with a metal detector.  In case you have ever dreamed of being this guy, you need to invest in an excellent metal detector that will guarantee you'll finish the day with a few booty.  Belowwe selected a number of the best beginner metal detectors to get you started on your treasure hunting trip.

Have a look at fast reviews below of the top five metal sensors, then scroll deeper for more helpful purchasing info and complete reviews of those versions.

Top 5 - Best Metal Detectors For Kids – High Plains Prospectors

Which Type of Detector Do I Need?

The kind of metal detector you choose will depend mainly on which type of loot you're looking for and where you'll be on the lookout for this.  There are generally 3 kinds of metal detectors for various functions --land-based coin and relic hunting, beach and underwater detecting, and prospecting for gold.

Beach and underwater detectors tend to be more robust and rust immune to assist fight rust from sea air and salt water.  Evidently, they ought to be waterproof to detect through water and sand, which have different properties compared to dry dirt.
Gold sensors will utilize higher frequencies to detect the differences between gold and other metals.  These will be most successful in gold-rich areas from the U.S. (usually the west shore ), since you are not likely to find any organic golden elsewhere.

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